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I obsess over little things.

HEEEEEEEEY GUYS, IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. For my birthday, I was planning on reposting the Fedora Verse fic (with edits/extra scenes) from the top and then continuing on to Part 4, but I may have overestimated my ability to keep up with the writing schedule I had set for myself. So… not updating yet.

BUT! I did have backup birthday stuff, things I’ve kind of been hoarding to myself in the event that I run out of things to post. 

As for when the story is going to update? I don’t even know! (SORRY!) But….. soon? I’ll give you guys a heads up when I’m ready. On the bright side…. I think I’m close?!

Aaaaanyway, you can ignore the rest of this post if you’re not interested in my rambles and stuff (you know how I like to ramble).

So the first gif I drew back around Thanksgiving. I went a little crazy with it, but this was the first time in a long time that a drawing went this well so I got excited. The belt was just my way of sneaking the Flash lightning symbol into the costume because I felt having a lightning symbol on his tie made his fanboying a little too obvious. Oh, and obviously, he doesn’t have a domino mask anymore for reasons that you’ll see. ANYWAY, so I colored it, and things were going fantabulously until I messed up the colors. I ended up getting so frustrated with it that I just never finished it. Can you tell with the background? If anyone wants to take the black and white version and take a stab at coloring it, be my guest! Oh, and I snuck my last name into the last version. I bet no one’s gonna see it. >D

Um… the next part is a hypothetical scene from Part 6. Hypothetically. I mean, the parts usually get so long I end up splitting them up, so this might even be Part 7. But my best are still on 6. Hypothetically. Sometimes I plan scenes that never end up happening. I wanted to make it like a comic page and started on the first panel as you can see in the 4th gif, but I never got any further than that.

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