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quick question: what's wrong with jay west (like i'm literally pretty apathetic about the whole thing; i'm just curious why you're disgusted)

Aside from the fact that it feels really discourteous to the character to wipe her out of existence, replace her with someone else (okay, this isn’t too bad yet because at least it’s just a pairing thing people do that all the time), and TAKE HER CHILDREN AND GIVE THEM TO SOMEONE ELSE, it also really bothers me that people are acting like you can swap out one Asian person for another and it’s a-okay (especially when the fandom is constantly calling each other racist because Artemis’s skin is too light or her eyes aren’t narrow enough in fanart).

The fandom keeps giving itself and Greg Weisman pats on the back for being culturally sensitive and a good writer and what the fuck ever, but all I see is is Greg Weisman giving Artemis a Vietnamese background as mostly a plot point, using Wally as a tool to create more drama to the story, and now there’s the implication that they’re taking the family he had with Linda Park and giving it to Artemis just because Artemis is the favored character.

I feel like it’s like saying I like Dick’s use of escrima/filipino martial arts but I hate him, so I’m going to give that to, like, Artemis. Artemis is a badass with a broad knowledge of weapons, she can have his escrima sticks and fight with them lololol bye Dick nothing else good enough about you (but if there was, we’d probably take that too).

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I will never forgive anyone who treats Artemis Crock and Linda Park as interchangeable. I mean what the fuck. I mean if you don’t like Linda Park, okay. If you ship Artemis and Wally together, fine whatever, just as long as no one tries to shove it down my throat I’m willing to ignore it. 

But if you basically go to Linda and think HEY I LIKE HER KIDS I’M GOING TO GIVE THEM TO A CHARACTER I LIKE BETTER, I will never be okay with that.

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So I go on the Young Justice tag and notice someone called ‘JW’ popping up? And then again when someone screencapped a tweet from Greg Weisman saying that someone noticed. I’ve obviously.misses.something,so…can anyone tell me what the actual fudge is going on?!

During Convergence a few weeks ago, Greg did a Radio show with his 3 popular shows that got cancled after 2 seasons. He said in the script was a BIG season 3 hint/spoiler, and no one noticed. As I watched Tigress said Roy was watching Lian and JW, and she had to return home.


ugh ugh ugh

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So I never posted my finished Garnet cosplay. Sowwy~ I get so excited during cons, I never really take formal pictures.

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for some reason i’ve got it in my head that Cenred is this sleazy old dude with a beer belly whose every word feels like a creepy bad touch so whenever i think ‘Cenred’ that’s the image that pops into my head

and then i see Tom Ellis with his tiny waist and tight butt and flowy hair in his chainmail and armor with swords strapped to his back

and i don’t understand where that idea came from or why it won’t go away

i mean look






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Gou’s obento check!

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So I’ve been watching a lot of Teen Wolf (finished season 3A and watched all of 3B in the last few days), and reading a bit of commentary and discussion on the tubes and the way people talk about Stiles’ sexuality is really frustrating for me. 

For the sake of context, I identify myself as A) Queer (which I define for myself as “not straight”. I feel sexual and romantic attraction to people regardless of their sex/gender) and B) genderqueer (which I define for myself as “somewhere on the trans spectrum but not really sure but not comfortable identifying as just female despite having breasts and a vagina”). The following thoughts and feelings come from having the lived experiences I’ve had. 

So I feel like a lot of mono-sexual people (people who are attracted to only one gender) in the fandom are really territorial about Stiles. Especially about Stiles being straight. The argument I’ve seen most often is “Well he’s only shown interest in women so far”, and I feel like that argument can’t come from anything but ignorance (possibly willful ignorance). 

How exactly can you define “showing interest” to make your argument fit this character? Pack Mentality has Stiles asking Scott if gay men would find him attractive.  It’s the first sign we have of Stiles’ interest in how other men might percieve him. By itself, it’s not really indicative of anything until you have context of the next 3.5 seasons of the show. In The Tell (s01e05), Stiles asks Danny if he finds him attractive. Ice Pick (s02e05) has Stiles jokingly professing attraction to Scott and proposing that they kiss “just to see how it feels”. In Unleashed (s03e04) Stiles, fearing a serial killer who seems to be killing virgins, says he needs someone to have sex with him right away to keep him from being a target. Danny, the only gay in the village, offers and Stiles is visibly disappointed when Danny walks away from the joke. Illuminated (s03e16) has what I consider to be the most solid piece of evidence for Stiles not being monosexual. While making out with Caitlin, he asks her to clarify that she is actually interested in guys. She replies “Absolutely. Are you?” Stiles pauses and is distracted from answering when she kisses him again. 

I’ve seen lots of people say that these things are all jokes on Stiles’ part, or that we’re reading too much into them when there was no authorial intent. But so many of these interactions look familiar to me. This is queer coding. When I was growing up queer and closeted I relied on jokes like those to get a feel for how someone might react if I were to show genuine attraction for someone of the same sex. In a world where queer people fear physical retaliation if we approach the “wrong” kind of person, we learn how to suss out the people who might be receptive to our attention. When we’re not out yet, we relish the input of people who are living openly, however we come by it. In the scene with Caitlin, during that hesitation before answering, I can supply an inner monologue that many of us will recognize.

"Can I tell her? I know she won’t judge me…How many of my friends does she know? Would it get around? Am I even sure?"

The cast and crew go back and forth about whether Stiles’ sexuality is anything other than straight. Dylan O’Brien has said explicitly that Stiles isn’t gay (duh), but that he and Tyler Hoechlin (Derek) both support the fans’ love of Sterek. In the same interview he called Stiles’ moment with Caitlin “nothing”. Show runner Jeff Davis (an openly gay man) admits they’ve consciously dropped hints that Stiles might not be straight, specifically using the word bisexual. He also compares the idea of giving in to the Sterek petitioners to the end of Moonlighting, saying the culmination of that romance plot left the show with nowhere else to go.

So first of all, there is explicit authorial intent in Stiles’ queer-coded interactions. It’s important to remember in fandom meta that we’re not talking about an actual human being with free will. We’re talking about a fictional character being written by someone doing a job, like for money. When Stiles makes a choice, it’s because Jeff Davis decided he wanted him to make that choice. 

Second, saying “Stiles hasn’t had a boyfriend so obviously he’s straight” makes me want to dropkick a dictionary through a window directly into the speaker’s face. Bisexuality doesn’t mean that a person CHANGES THEIR SEXUALITY TO FIT THEIR CURRENT PARTNER. With the onscreen chemistry the two actors playing them share, if Derek Hale were Dahlia Hale people would read the exact same scenes between them as a “will they won’t they” classical hetero romance. 

Stiles’ openness to and curiosity about gay men being sexually interested in him, his explicitly queer-coded interactions and the chemistry between him and Derek combined with even a passing familiarity with how non-mono-sexualities work makes a queer reading of Stiles completely legitimate to the point of being obvious to the queer or queer sensitive viewer. Whether or not it’s queer baiting will take a little longer to work out, in my opinion, since Davis still seems coyly open to the idea of exploring Stiles’ sexuality further. 

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Artist Telmo Pieper Repaints His Own Childhood Drawings

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i have a folder entitled “orochimaru being punched by tsunade” on my computer and this isnt even all of them.  i cant fit all of them into a single photoset.  theres so many

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You came to the right neighbourhood, new best friend!


You came to the right neighbourhood, new best friend!

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